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Sürdürebilirlik Politikası

Sürdürebilirlik Politikası



Golden beach hotel is a healthy way of human existence on a sustainable planet with all the elements of nature.

It is a situation in which the whole world must make a concerted effort to ensure its continuity.

He is aware that we are in the period. With this understanding, business understanding is considered in three dimensions in all activities.

are evaluated, decisions are made in this way, and the value creation process is managed by paying attention to these dimensions.

Golden beach hotel Group of Companies Sustainability Policy will be the business constitution of the group; Golden beach hotel founder

in line with its values, basic business principles, business ethics and global objectives.

has been prepared. Sustainability Policy, realization of all activities and decision making

It serves as a guide to be consulted at the stage and is included in the entire value chain, directly or indirectly.

It has been addressed in a way that includes the global stakeholders with whom we interact.

1. Business Concept Focuses

The Sustainability Policy is built on three focus areas that are directly related to each other. golden beach hotel

a sustainable economic development; With a comprehensive approach, the individual's environmental and social

He believes that it is possible if there is awareness and on a healthy planet.

1.1. Business Approach Focused on “Inclusive Development”

Golden Beach Hotel, together with all its employees, business partners and stakeholders, in every sector in which it operates, is a global

It adopts a sustainable business approach that is compatible with the objectives and

Ensuring development includes all elements of the planet as well as all humanity

believes it should.

In this context, Golden beach hotel's business approach focused on "Inclusive Development" is listed below: • All its activities are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

• To comply with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, of which we are a signatory, • To allocate resources for research and development studies in every sector in which we operate, • To use and develop innovative technologies that will contribute to sustainable development.

• To enable stakeholder participation in decision-making processes, taking into account the wishes and expectations of stakeholders.

• Giving importance to supporting the sustainability perspective, • Making the sustainability perspective a company culture and ensuring that both employees

and to try to raise awareness among stakeholders, • Sustainability studies and experience, partnerships and active activities in international platforms

To undertake to convey this to all stakeholders and the world through initiatives, • To carry out all kinds of work to ensure sustainability in the supply chain.

• By measuring and evaluating the economic, environmental and social impacts of all activities,

To take improvement actions to reduce negativities, • To regularly publish sustainability reports in line with international standards, • To be transparent and in compliance with basic business ethics rules and to fight against corruption.


1.2. “Social Human” Oriented Business Approach

Golden beach hotel focuses all its activities and business processes on protecting human health, supporting human development and

continues on the basis of equality of opportunity. It will enable human development to be sustainable

It focuses on the establishment of innovative, reliable and accessible work and living environments.

Golden beach hotel, sustainability is with the development of social structures, corporate commitment and continuity of employees.

can be achieved, the individual must perceive the social structure he/she is in with all its elements and

He believes that his existence should be considered together with the health of the social structure.

In this context, Golden beach hotel's business approach focused on "Social Human" is listed below:

• Both sectoral and social enterprises, in all areas and geographies of activity,

Ensuring and protecting equality of opportunity, especially the dissemination of quality education

Maximum attention is paid to the issues of protecting social health.

• Developing and implementing practices that will ensure improvement in the field of occupational health and safety

It is seen as part of the job.

• Social and economic development of the society and local stakeholders in the fields of activity, local

Opportunities to develop social projects and collaborate that will contribute to employment

is created.

• Aiming to increase employee loyalty and well-being, making the working environment more efficient

Conditions are created to bring about

• By preventing all kinds of discrimination, employees are provided with employment, career management, remuneration,

performance evaluation etc. Equal rights are provided in all matters.

• Supporting the development of women's employment and their qualified active participation, and supporting women at all levels.

Efforts are made to increase employment.

• Towards the personal development of employees and the development of their global citizenship awareness.